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The Inn, West End – 2

Coincidence?  It abounded last week.  As I said in the previous blog, I was meeting up with an old university chum, Steve.  The lunch was good enough to blog about, and I copied it to the owner )who shook hands before we left)

Next e mail:

Thanks for that – strangely I went to Uni at Newcastle too – studied Agriculture, can you tell!

See you soon,


So I replied when we had been there – and I knew a Gerry, and and and – you can guess what is coming!

Yes – we had drunk together, sung together, partied and went to the same degree ceremony.

How strange is that?  We didn’t recognize each other (last seen in 1978…) and I suppose the context didn’t help recognition.  Of all the ale houses in all the world to choose as a meeting place…well, it felt wonderfully positive and a powerful coincidence to me – and fortuitous in the extreme.


(Sorry Gerry – splendid pub restaurant – not ale house….!)

The acquaintance now renewed will be continued, I am sure.

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