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Just Cook

I’m involved in a very exciting project – Just Cook!  It is designed to help people with Ostomies – people who have had to have surgery to remove some of their gut or even their bladder, and have a Colostomy ileostomy or urostomy fitted to take it’s place.

Naturally, there are a few rules that have to be adhered to if this happens.  But a lot of the time, people can carry on with their normal diet that they had before their operation.  Sometimes there are consequences – like green leafy veg and salads can cause a very fast and watery flow.  Sometimes people will live with this, or avoid that food.  Everyone is different , I am finding.

There are some good points – you have to eat more salt, because you excrete more than if you didn’t have a bag fitted!

I am having to learn a lot from my nutritionist friends and colleagues and the nurses who do a sterling job looking after and advising their patients.  The first session is in mid April, and I am really looking forward to it.  Yes, a learning curve for me too – but there are ways around most things.  Apart from everyone wanting vegetarian options (and I never know what gas mark to cook a vegetarian on!!) – so suddenly Tofu is top of my shopping list – and the need to have no tomato seeds in anything (so have discovered strained tomatoes – called pasata – in all supermarkets…but never noticed it before).

Fun exciting and potentially very helpful to the audience – what could be nicer?  Just

Cook – that’s what it’s all about.  Keep it simple, and do it from scratch. That’s our philosophy, and I know it will catch on! This is the set we are using for the event.

Gloucester Old Spot – a great gastro-pub

The Gloucester Old Spot is in a village called Elmstone Hardwicke.  I think this sounds too much like that great Glen Campbell classic “Like a Rhinestone Cowboy”  So, I never miss the opportunity to sing “Like an Elmstone Hardwicke’ whenever we pass through the village.  Sad, I know.  No-one laughs.  But it makes me smile.

Have a look at the web-site

As you can see, a lovely looking pub.  The main dining room is a Baronial Hall, complete with large country house paintings.  Quite a setting – and they do hire it out for any sort of function.

Food is great modern British.  And biased towards the staple of medieval diets onwards – the pig!  (Look, The Gloucester Old Spot is not going to be a vegetarian restaurant, is it?) (But they do have excellent vegetarian options).  Starters and mains were the fancied combination of all 6 diners in our party.  It feels savoury, not sweet as a place.  Soups – parsnip and nutmeg – went down well.  Poached egg, ham and hollandaise – dreamy and timed well.  Seared pigeon breast – actually cooked through for once – which I prefer (and chefs will accommodate your needs here).  Mains – Guinea fowl with home-made haggis – how wonderfully wintry!   I had to have the Old Spot Pork Belly – boned and slow cooked.  It was honey on a plate.  And robust.  Grilled plaice fillets with a parsley and lemon crust with a chowder made of mussels, smoked haddock and leek had me searching for an excuse to swap meals.  Isn’t it annoying how often that happens? It was just cooked, and infused beautifully

Unusually, the choice of vegetables is included – choose 2 of chips, Dauphinoise potatoes, seasonal veg or salad.  The robust duaphinoise went wonderfully heavily with our pork belly.  Coffee was as good as we could manage afterwards!

Book.  It’s worth it.  They do a two course lunch for 12.50 during the week, too.  And there may be Gloucester Old Spot on the menu!

Old Spot Exterior

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