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This was just one of those magical lunches.  We knew we were eating out – so snack level lunch.  Good plan.

Open crab sandwich...

Open crab sandwich…

This is what we got when we ordered Open Crab Sandwich and a portion of chips.  Isn’t that just magical?  It’s like something from Masterchef – deconstructed crab sandwich – too pretentious for Cornwall!  But that’s what it was.  There is care, thought and appreciation of the 3 dimensional theatricality beloved of top chefs here – and it was less than 10 quid.  The chips were of the usual impeccable standard – there should never be any other standard – but hey, some people cut corners.  Not here.

Staff were all foodies.  “I’ve put on 2 and a half stone since I started here” said our waitress.  Worth every pound!

OK – mid summer, the atmosphere will be different and there is a strange sort of hell that gets the staff through 400 covers in a session – but they probably make 75% of their money in 3 months of the year?  But at this time of year, when you can walk in at 1.00 and get served fairly quickly – and the food is at this level – you’d be daft not to seek it out!

Facing the sea...

Facing the sea…


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